Colorized point clouds ("Key-3D") as a product from digital aerial imagery is bridging the gap between traditional imagery based 3D and LiDAR surveys with some of the qualities of both.

Key-3D is a dense array of 3-Dimensional points delivered in a familiar LAS format. The colorization of the pixels is performed using the same pixels/imagery used to derive the height information, making it a clear alternative from LiDAR colored by a secondary camera. The photogrammetrically derived point cloud can have an extremely high degree of accuracy in both the horizontal and vertical planes. This is due to the quality of the points that are automatically measured using multi-ray technology and the tremendous accuracy of Keystone's UltraCam cameras.

The Key-3D point cloud has an extremely high density of points per square meter, and the points are colored from the imagery. The result is a conventional three-dimensional LAS formatted file with the radiometric properties of the original imagery. Key-3D allows for visualization of objects in their true horizontal and vertical position. There is no displacement of objects as found in conventional 2D products. Buildings, roofs, bridges and overpasses are modeled accurately.

Any project acquired with stereo imagery can be delivered with a Key-3D point cloud in standard LAS format. Potential uses include civil and environmental engineering, detailed transportation modeling, wind and solar installations, volumetric studies, urban planning, natural resource management, airports, infrastructure, and many others.

With the latest advancements in 3D printing technology, beautiful and accurate landscapes, city and building models and more can be printed in full color. Contact Keystone for a quote to create an eye catching print as a culmination of a Key-3D project.