Keystone's Microsoft Vexcel UltraCam large-format digital produce imagery that is rich in data content. The UltraCam simultaneously collects normal color, near infrared, and panchromatic bands. This combination of bands, coupled with small pixel size, high geometric accuracy, and wide dynamic range supports an extensive array of high-resolution image products.

Applications that can take advantage of the full multispectral capabilities of the UltraCam sensor include land use/land cover analysis, impervious surface analysis, change detection, feature extraction, and environmental monitoring.

Individual large-format digital images are available in sets. These images allow users to create derivative products such as ortho-images and DEMs with full control over every step of the creation process. Combined into stereo pairs with optional GPS/IMU position and orientation data, large-format digital images are very well-suited to the photogrammetrist making a transition to, or already operating in, a digital workflow. The high resolution and wide dynamic range of the imagery permit detailed analysis and identification of ground features even in shadows, making DEM creation, contouring, and other engineering tasks more efficient.

Any number of digital images can be acquired through custom acquisition flights, where the client has the opportunity to specify every parameter of the collection – GSD, overlap, coverage area, etc. Alternatively, images can be obtained from our extensive library through Keystone’s web portal, Visit the image gallery to see examples.