Aerial view of Westpoint Academy
In addition to digital imagery, Keystone also offers traditional mapping photography. Over fifty years of experience collecting large-format film photography enables Keystone to maintain the very high standards expected by hard-copy photogrammetrists.

Precise scale, overlap, and exposure requirements are consistently achieved by experienced flight crews operating proven large-format camera equipment. Advanced planning software and flight management systems allow for highly accurate and efficient survey flights.

The highest-quality aerial film, time-tested film processing workflows and extensive quality control guarantees a reliable end-product whether the deliverable is annotated film, prints, or digital scans.

Keystone’s film-based products include:
  • Custom annotated film
  • Color and B&W prints (max 44” x unlimited)
  • Contact prints (B&W, Color; with dodging)
  • Film diapositives
  • Film enlargements
  • Digital scanning of film rolls and negatives