Keystone Aerial Surveys offers the capacity, the expertise, and the experience to complete the most demanding aerial survey missions. Our Fleet includes over 20 aircraft, allowing us to complete multiple large or small assignments simultaneously. Our expertise includes all phases of aerial survey missions, from planning and acquisition through processing and delivery. Our proven experience includes millions of miles of precise aerial survey collection.

Our airborne acquisition services include imaging and data collection for photogrammetry, city-wide large area imaging, and LiDAR. For digital imaging, we deploy many Microsoft/Vexcel UltraCam digital mapping cameras. The UltraCam is ideally suited for quick-turnaround of very high-resolution (<6cm GSD) imagery for precise mapping or city-wide imagery at GSDs between 15-50cm.


With a fleet of over 20 aircraft, we have the resources to complete your project promptly. Our fleet includes a diverse mix of aircraft to fit specific mission requirements. Our pressurized Cessna Conquest twin turboprop performs high-altitude acquisition at high speed. Our two Piper Navajo twin engine aircraft efficiently collect high-resolution imagery at mid-levels. For low-level precision mapping photography and LiDAR collection, we deploy stable Cessna 310/320, Piper Aztec, and Cessna 206/210 aircraft. All of our aerial survey aircraft are equipped with TrackAir flight management systems and airborne GPS equipment. Additionally, IMU’s are used for digital imaging and LiDAR collection.

Aircraft are operated by experienced pilot/photographer crews, who are supported by four full-time aircraft mechanics and fully-staffed IT and photo lab departments.


Having collected millions of line-miles of aerial imagery and data throughout the US, we have gained a wealth of experience working with the many variables that affect an aerial survey mission. We are experts at translating client’s technical requirements into efficient aerial survey mission plans, and then executing those missions with precision. Our decades of experience in acquisition and supporting functions is handed down through a rigorous in-house training program, meaning that all flight crews benefit from the experience of our most seasoned crews. This ultimately leads to the successful completion of your project.

In planning and completing airborne operations, we consider seasonal and daily weather patterns, terrain, and controlled airspace factors. We have experience operating in many challenging environments and know how to work effectively with air traffic control to gain access to restricted or high-density airspace. Wherever your project is located, it’s likely that we’ve operated there successfully before.

Beyond the aerial survey mission, our expertise includes all necessary supporting functions, such as post-mission data processing and proactive project management to closely monitor progress and compliance within your specifications.

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